All in all, Cantor Verhoeven was working for Finace B.V. from January 2002 up to August 2007. In addition to the internal assignment outlined below, Cantor also worked on assignments at the following organisations during his employment at Finace::

Internal assignment Finace B.V.

Period January 2002 - Mei 2002
Organisation Finace B.V.
Position Consultant

Summary of the situation

During the initial period of his employment at Finace, Cantor was involved - in support of the (account) management at Finace - in drawing up usable documentation for the purpose of sales activities to be undertaken.


  • Drawing up plans of approach for the benefit of the implementation of a profits and costs system to be used by the Government and by the Provincial Government.
  • Elaborating various quotation processes.
  • Processing the IAS/IFRS approach for presentation.
  • Drawing up a plan of approach that could be used within several government branches for the implementation of the VAT compensation fund.
  • Mapping out the stages to be completed for the Shared Service Centre.


The above process has resulted in various types of documentation that could be used by the account management and the ‘field' consultants for meetings with customers as well as for the actual execution of an assignment.