Period January 1999 - December 2001
Organisation EMI Compact Disc B.V.
Position Financial Manager

Summary of the situation

Cantor's role was to fully re-establish and arrange an unorganised and unstructured financial department. In his role as the Financial Manager, Cantor reported directly to the Financial Director who was responsible for all financial activities worldwide of EMI Productions.


  • Managing the entire financial department of the CD Production Unit as well as the logistic activities in Uden (6 people directly, 13 indirectly) with an average number of employees of 500 to 900.
  • Responsible for all financial activities (e.g., costs and sales price calculations, daily reports of production numbers and warehouse activities) of the Admin department, the Sales/Invoicing department, and Accounts.
  • Member of the EMI Uden Management.
  • Accountable Finance person with regard to INK / ISO DNV audits to be made.
  • Monthly "international" reports to the UK (P&L, balance, prognoses).
  • Drawing up and coordinating the budgeting process of the production plant in Uden.
  • Drawing up the Dutch Annual Accounts (UK GAAP - Dutch GAAP).
  • Drawing up the VAT / Income Tax and VPB declarations.
  • Contact person for banks, accountants, insurance companies, the Inland Revenue and the EMI pension Fund.
  • Continuously looking for improvements in administrative and internal organisational procedures.

Projects executed at EMI

  • Implementation of the euro.
  • Implementation of several new releases of the Lawson financial system.
  • Complete rearrangement of the financial procedures / working instructions in accordance with the INK / ISO directives.


  • Fully re-established and rearranged financial department
  • In his role as the accountable person for the project in the department, Cantor completed several important projects highly successfully during the years from 1999 to 2001.